Appointment setting will grow your business

The main goal of any for-profit business is, obviously, profit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make any without actual customers. For many small businesses and start-ups, the inability to find paying customers is the first and biggest barrier to increasing sales. 
The goal of appointment setting is to make a first impression and spark interest in your leads. We do that by giving a quick overview of your services; the delivery of the sales pitch is still up to you!
B2B appointment setting is not focused solely on finding new clients, but it also works with potential investors and partners. Getting the lead to agree to a meeting is the first step on your way to acquiring a new investor or customer!

We conduct appointment setting through email and LinkedIn campaigns

Here is a quick overview of our services:


Lead generation

We start by finding prospects


Personalized message

We employ an email marketing campaign and create an interesting message that shows your company in the best light


Set an appointment

We contact the prospects via email and LinkedIn, and offer to set an appointment with someone from the sales team


Deliver results

We then deliver the results to you

Why appointment service is necessary for your business?

As mentioned previously, the inability to find clients can stunt the growth of small start-ups and big international companies alike. It is especially difficult for small companies that have no client base, as they have nothing to fall back on. 

Large corporations can hit a wall too! Sometimes it may appear as though you’ve already tried everything and you still can’t find new clients. That’s where appointment setting comes in.

Appointment setting allows you to grow your business. Many potential clients would never take the leap to switch to a different provider if they were never approached by the company. By offering to set a meeting, we give the client the power to decide when and where, and if at all. 

Why appointment service works successfully?

Appointment setting can be tiring and time-consuming. That’s why we can do it for you! There is no reason for you to spend time on lead generation and email writing. Our appointment setting service will give you all the information you need about upcoming bookings, cancellations, and incoming messages. Remember, you still get to make the real first impression!

Here are a few reasons why appointment setting can increase your success rate:

Individual approach

Personalized emails have a higher success rate

Fast solution

We can anticipate a problem and offer a solution right away 

Lead gen_1

Lead database

We can acquire a large lead database

Decision Making

Freedom of choice

The prospects have the ability to decide if they want to invest their time in working with you or not

Pricing for appointment setting

The basic plan includes some of the features listed. You can add more features and make the plan personalized and suited to your needs. The price depends on the functionality that you choose.

Appointment setting


Starts from $799

● Qualified sales/partners/investments appointments● Software access (Woodpecker/Mailshake/● Sequence content & messaging● Dedicated team● Multichannel outreach

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