Why COVID-19 gave a hand for many companies?

Increased email open rate

We noticed the increasing of open rate within last two weeks for all our clients! 
Potential customers are sitting at home but still work from there. It means that businesses are active but now you have more chances to catch your lead when he is near a laptop.

We saw:

+20-30%open rate

Increased email reply rate

Same as previous! Everybody works from home and have even more time to reply to your letter. 
Just send relevant email and provide a real value!

We saw:

+7-10%reply rate

Some markets grow really fast

E-learning, delivery, medical supplies, streaming services, entertainment companies... Just ask your marketing team to find any industry that grows and matches your ICP! 
We will do the rest.

We saw:

89%more interested leads on average

What should you do with this? 

Let's hop on online call with your marketing guys, and think over our groundbreaking B2B email strategy!