What problems data enrichment solves?”

With the number of businesses on the market right now it is nearly impossible for consumers to choose which one they want to commit to. At the same time, the seller-buyer relationship is evolving and becoming more intimate. 
In order to stand out in a sea of competitors you need to take your communication with customers to the next level! Invest in designing highly personalized messages to appeal to your clientele. 
The problem lies within personalization. In order to craft a message that will speak to your customer you need to know more about them. Data enrichment turns the raw data you have into full-blown customer profiles!
So, what is data enrichment? The data enrichment process consists of collecting additional data about your consumers’ behavior.

There are 3 main data enrichment sources:



The information your leads share with you directly, either through surveys and questionnaires or during scheduled calls and meetings.


Data tracking software 

Such as Google Analytics, tracks the users’ activity on your website


Third-party data 

Data collected from properties that are not yours; this refers to the interactions your leads made with other platforms.

Some excellent data enrichment examples include using questionnaires on your website to ask customers about their preferences, or gathering third-party data from social media to determine the geographic location of your leads.

Benefits of data enrichment

Improve your data

It allows you to enhance the data you already possess

Know your consumer better

It allows you to get a deeper insight into consumers’ lives


More useful information

It makes raw data more useful and coherent

Hit accurately

You can use that information to create a more personalized email

Artboard 3

Beat competitors

It gives you the opportunity to stand out among your competitors

What you will have with this service?

As you know, many B2B emails end up in the spam folder. We want to avoid that and make our email marketing efforts as effective as possible. In order to achieve that the content of our emails must be very interesting to the customer. Data enrichment will give us sufficient information about the leads to make your emails more appealing to them. We do that using the information we gather through data enrichment. More personalized emails lead to stronger customer relationships. 

Our data enrichment services focus on:

Relevant data

Gathering relevant data about existing and potential clients from all available sources, including leads, data tracking software, and third-party data

Effective email marketing

Putting the data to use with effective email marketing campaigns.

Performing data appending

Updating the current customer records with relevant information, and data cleansing - discarding inaccurate information from your records.


The basic plan includes some of the features listed. You can add more features and make the plan personalized and suited to your needs. The price depends on the functionality that you choose.

Data enrichment

Starts from $0.15 per valid lead

● Data hygiene report● Contact update & replacement● Fill-in missing data● Email & phone verification● Email bounce report● Accuracy guarantee

Use data enrichment with maximum efficiency

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