What is LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for professionals from all fields of business. The platform employs an algorithm that makes it easy for both parties to find each other.

There are 3 ways to lead generation using LinkedIn:

1. Sponsored content — This allows you to post company news or announcements, and they will appear on people’s feeds. The best part is, if someone wants to work with you, they don’t need to go the extra mile and fill out a form. LinkedIn takes information from their profile and fills the form automatically!
2. Personalized messages — Peronalization in B2B messages is highly effective. Personalized messages allow you to appeal to your prospects directly and create a relationship with them. This is even easier than sponsored content; all the recipient has to do is reply!
3. Text ads — A catchy headline and a fun picture can go a long way. These ads appear on the side of the feed. Prospects can react by simply tapping the ad.

Why you shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn lead generation brings a lot of benefits. First, the return on investment is very easy to track. LinkedIn analytics tools will show you exactly how effective your marketing campaign is. You can also track the cost per lead and calculate the success of the campaign.
A very common problem in email marketing is targeting the wrong audience. That is as good as throwing money out of the window. LinkedIn makes it incredibly easy to target the right people. Your ad will be shown to the people that might be interested based on their profile. On top of that, users can search you using company description, industry, or even geo-location.
You can get leads from LinkedIn and spend very little time on the platform. Outsourcing lead generation allows you to save time and resources. We can do all the work while you just monitor the lead generation process and enjoy the fruit of your labor. 

How it works and what results to expect

A clear barrier to finding new prospects is the countless forms one needs to fill in. How many times have you immediately lost interest after seeing a long questionnaire? LinkedIn makes connecting with prospects much easier. Instead of asking them to fill in a form, it automatically takes relevant information from their profile and sends it to you. This increases the chances of getting valuable responses.
The content on LinkedIn is optimized for desktop computers and mobile phones, so it can be viewed from virtually any angle. 
The lead conversion rates on LinkedIn are 3 times higher than those on similar advertising platforms. Not only does it result in higher volumes of leads generated, the leads are also of higher quality.

Our LinkedIn lead generation service works in the following way:

Advanced strategy

- We create a LinkedIn lead generation strategy in the form of a marketing campaign

Easy communication

The platform makes it incredibly easy for prospects to respond and get in contact with you

Analytics & solutions

- We monitor the success rate of the campaign and use analytics to figure out how to improve it

Simple & Convenient

You can download the generated leads from LinkedIn directly, and get to work

Pricing for LinkedIn lead generation

The basic plan includes some of the features listed. You can add more features and make the plan personalized and suited to your needs. The price depends on the functionality that you choose.

LinkedIn lead generation

Starts from $349

● ICP creation● A/B testing● Campaign management and optimization

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